Join us in raising aWEARness for more love, peace & justice in our world!
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How can I make a difference?


Ever ask yourself with all the problems we see in our world today "how can I make a difference?"  Or ever wish you could help reduce human or even animal suffering during the course of your life? Ever feel overwhelmed by the size of life's challenges? Well we are here to tell you that you can make a difference! You do matter! Your voice is important!

There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. They all matter! The more we brighten others lives with positive words, kind acts and even a simple smile, the more we make a our world a better world!

Our shirts, necklaces, mugs and other things we make and sell are designed to let us broadcast a message of love, kindness and compassion as we walk around our daily lives so we can let our lives become the message we want to share. Love matters! Mother Earth matters! Our children matter! All life matters!

When you buy a shirt that shares words of Love Peace and Kindness you remind all around you that you stand for love! That we can all be a little bit kinder and that people are essentially good when we give each other half a chance.